Guide to Estate Preservation

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Guide to Estate Preservation Passing on your wealth in the most tax-efficient way. Welcome to our Guide to Estate Preservation. Wealth transfer has become an important issue for many families today. Individuals with assets of any size should prepare for their eventual transfer whilst making provision for any tax or legal consequence. Read more here : Estate Preservation

Chapel Road Launch Review

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We had our official Launch Day  on Thursday 12th April for our new shopfront premises at 31 Chapel Road, Worthing. Excellent finger food by Chris & Zoe Lush of Nile Rose Catering- the cheese straws were special- was washe down by wine and soft drinks; around 65 clients and business contacts attended. There were excellent conversations and already we are …

Guide to Income Investing

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Guide to Income Investing Investing for income means choosing assets that are able to provide you with a regular income. This is in contrast to investing for growth, which focuses on how much your assets could gain in value. In our Guide to Income Investing, we consider the main investment asset classes that are used to generate a regular income. …

The Mellor Practice is expanding!

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The Mellor Practice is expanding! We are opening our second office next week 12th April – 31 Chapel Road Worthing BN11 1EG. This is in addition to our existing premises just outside Arundel. For some time I’ve wanted us to be more visible and we are now right in the heart of Worthing. It’s important to us that we can …