Chapel Road Launch Review

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We had our official Launch Day  on Thursday 12th April for our new shopfront premises at 31 Chapel Road, Worthing. Excellent finger food by Chris & Zoe Lush of Nile Rose Catering- the cheese straws were special- was washe down by wine and soft drinks; around 65 clients and business contacts attended.

There were excellent conversations and already we are seeing an increase in prospective clients visiting the premises. For some time I’ve wanted the Practice to be a lot more visible to the public, with the added bonus of being part of the local business community.

 With the banks having shut up shop and no longer giving advice on pensions and investments, the public isn’t really sure where to go for advice in these areas. As people get to know we are here, I think we are well placed to become people’s first choice for independent advice.

 As I’ve said, we want to become more accessible and our aim is to open shopfront outlets in other towns and cities in the future, once the Worthing site becomes profitable. I’ve felt for some time that there is a real gap in the market and no well-known ‘brand’ offering independent advice.

 As Sherlock Holmes said to Dr Watson….”the game’s afoot…..”


Laurie Mellor

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