Jill Ritzema

James Rixon

Mrs Brenda Mellor became my financial adviser in 2006. Because of the quality of advice she has given, my financial affairs are in a much healthier state than when she took over my portfolio. The investments she recommended have performed extremely well in spite of the challenging economic climate.

Apart from her professional expertise, I have also appreciated her sensitivity, patience and tact during difficult times within the family including the sudden and unexpected death of my husband in 2012. Apart from the emotional impact, I found myself coping with his idiosyncratic filing system and the demands of the Revenue for detailed information which did not appear to be available.

She has been scrupulous in pointing out and explaining all the implications of various courses of action for all of the family and I am grateful for her advice and support. It will be clear from the above that I feel able to recommend her wholeheartedly.